The Bramley-Moore Medal

Less than one month after donating the funds to found the Camp & Villaverde Medal, John Bramley-Moore, who grew rich as a trader and performed great service to the general maritime welfare of Liverpool, donated a further £500 to the Society on condition that it was applied to the founding of a medal bearing the inscription on its reverse “BRAMLEY-MOORE MEDAL FOR SAVING LIFE AT SEA, 1872”. Since the award of the first of these medals in 1874, the records show that it has been awarded once only in Gold (in 1894 to Captain William Haskell), 22 times in Silver and 17 in Bronze, the last being in 1945. The Society still has a few of these two medals in stock, but the decline in marine life-saving cases reported to the Society and the availability of our standard medals is the reason why these particular medals are no longer awarded.